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    Paris Health Expo Welcomes Urban Soul Osteopathy

    Urban Soul Osteopathy will be represented at the 4th Annual Fall Wellness Expo on October 6th, 2019 in Paris, Ontario.   I, Michael Brunozzi M.OMSc, am excited to introduce myself to the town of Paris.  The center of Paris is a brief twenty minute drive to Urban Soul Osteopathy. I wish to educate those who may not have heard about Osteopathy or osteopathic treatment.     I look forward to engaging in conversation about your health, wellness, and how it relates to you body.  Each treatment is unique to you. It depends upon your health history, alignment, and functional assessment. If you have questions specific to your health concerns, stop by…

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    What is Holistic Healthcare

    Many practitioners shy away from the use of the word holistic as it relates to their practice.  For some reason, this word is used in a negative context by many people. Perhaps this is because a holistic approach differs from what most people view as ‘traditional medicine.’ Lately, holistic healthcare has been considered a ‘New Age’ trend.  This trend focuses on spirituality, mysticism, and environmentalism.  These, surely, are facets of holism, but holistic health is much more inclusive than these ideologies. To truly understand holistic healthcare, we must first understand what ‘holistic’ means.  When defining the term holistic, most sources cite two meanings: one based in philosophy, and one in…